We're all in this together. 

So we made a plan. We took the best of model rockets and the best of lab sensors and priced it super close to an approachable teacher grant (time saver). We invited a grant organization and a prolific grant winning teacher to share the process and get you grant savvy (money saver). We spent time creating NGSS lesson plans for remote and in-classroom use and made them free for you to use (life saver). 

Let's begin.


Estes Rockets and PocketLab created an affordable, ready-to-go classroom rocket bundle for teachers. The Estes Green Eggs payload rocket fits a PocketLab Voyager inside, so you can track important data during flight. Students can work in groups to learn important skills as they build rockets over two feet tall.

Excited to learn more? Here is a handy getting started guide for launching model rockets with your students.

You get twelve Estes Rockets, two PocketLab Voyagers, two powerful engines, two launch systems and launch pads for just $582. The Estes Rockets and PocketLab teacher bundle tools retails separately at $750 and this is an unprecedented discount of $170.

No brainer.

I mean, it's not rocket science.

Well, yeah it is.


This is what you get for $582.

12 "Green Egg" Estes Rockets
24 C11-3 Engines
2 PocketLab Voyager sensors
Free PocketLab Notebook Lite software
2 Lifetime Launch Systems
Free domestic shipping

Estes Rocket + Voyager and writing

Make sure you watch this video.

It includes an unboxing with Estes at ScIC4 Science is Cool virtual unconference, an AIAA grant representative, and a fellow teacher who has been awarded several thousands in grants.

They all want you to know that it's not as difficult as you think.


AIAA, American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, will award $40,000 in $500 classroom grants this year to K-12 STEM educators. That's a lot of opportunity for classroom cash!

The Estes Rockets and PocketLab teacher bundle pre-aligns with AIAA grant requirements, which is by design because we've learned from teachers who apply for lots of grants that figuring out the idea and the tools is the part that takes the most time. So we've just put it all in one place for you. You can choose to use this money for the bundle or whatever you want.

AIAA applications are now open through January 15, 2021.

Learn more about AIAA Educators.


Whether or not you choose the Estes Rockets and PocketLab teacher bundle or the AIAA grant, we'd like to give you free lesson plans. 

Estes Rockets created NGSS aligned STEM lessons packed with hands-on activities using the Engineering Design Process to answer the essential question: Does Mass Matter?

These lesson plans are available for remote classrooms and in-person classrooms.